KINO 30: Personal Movie Theater

Try for 0.01 UAH*

* the first 30 days of using the “KINO 30” for 0.01 UAH

that are valid only for new users, then 59 UAH/30 days.



Mobile application ТВ+

    • Turn on Mobile application ТВ+ where convenient — on a smartphone/a tablet if you have an Internet connection
    • Use it on 3 devices simultaneously at the same price
    • Manage packages 
    • Order additional packages
    • Stream  movies, TV shows, TV programs to Chromecast Device to watching on your big screen TV.


How to order the service?

Download the Mobile application ТВ+ from the app store on your device
Open the app
Choose the channel or the movie to watch
Order the package containing the chosen content
Enjoy watching!
Сall *225#
Choose the channel or the movie to watch
Download the Mobile application ТВ+ from the app store on your device
Enjoy watching!


What is the Mobile Application TВ+?

Mobile application TВ+ is the mobile app to watch TV channels and films on smartphone and tablet!

With Mobile application TВ+:

  • You do not pay for the mobile internet
  • You watch the app at 3 devices simultaneously



What functions are available?

With Mobile Application TВ+:

  • You don’t pay for mobile internet
  • You can use the app on 3 devices at the same time

And also it is:

  • Exclusive movie channels Cine+ HD, Cine+ Mix, Cine+ Hit, Cine+ Legend, Cine+ Kids
  • Online cinema with thousands of premium movies, cartoons and TV series for the whole family
  • View control – pause and rewind live
  • TV archive – watch programs for the previous 7 days
  • Restart view – start the current broadcast first
  • Reminders – set notifications for future events
  • Parental control – set a password on TV channels and movies
  • Favorites – add your favorite channels and movies for quick access


*Pay attention! When viewing content from the Mobile Application TВ+ traffic for mobile Internet is not charged, except for viewing content category from Megogo.

When viewing Megogo content, mobile internet is charged according to your tariff plan.

Terms of service

Prices and conditions

If you connect one of the packages “Package S”, “Package M” or “Package L” for the first time you get access to the “Promo” package, which includes all TV+ App channels except for content that is included in the “Football”, “MTV” and “Night” packages with the cost of 1 UAH (including VAT and PF) and valid for 21 days. After the termination of the “Promo” package starting from the 22nd day the package that you have chosen during the first order will be automatically active: “Package S”, “Package M” or “Package L”.

Package “Sport 30”. Archive of all Champions League and Europa League matches, sports archives and the best sports channels with NBA and NHL broadcasts, UFC and MMA fights, the fastest Formula 1 races, Grand Slam tournaments, winter and extreme sports. Price: 59 UAH/30 days (including VAT and PF). Activation unavailable. 

Package “Sport 7”. Archive of all Champions League and Europa League matches, sports archives and the best sports channels with NBA and NHL broadcasts, UFC and MMA fights, the fastest Formula 1 races, Grand Slam tournaments, winter and extreme sports. Price: 20 UAH/7 days (including VAT and PF). Activation unavailable. 

You can choose and activate more than one package at a time; the price and duration of each package is paid according to the terms of each individual package.

If you have insufficient funds in your account to continue the connected package, you are provided 1-day access at the following prices:

Package S 4 UAH
Package M 6 UAH
Package L 10 UAH
Cinema 3 UAH
Sport 3 UAH
Sport New  10 UAH
Night 2 UAH
Kids 4 UAH

If you have disconnected the service before the expiration of any package Mobile application ТВ+, you lose access to watch movies and TV programs from the moment of disconnection.

Content is provided by LLC “VOLIA-CABLE”.

For "BOMB" tariff plan subscribers

If you are Bomba tariff plan subscriber, Bomba Basic and Bomba Premium packages for 30 days of Mobile Application TВ+ are included in the price for this tariff plan. You can connect here.

Pay attention! Packages Cinema, Sports, Night, Kids, MTV are paid additionally, according to the terms of provision and period of validity, which you can see before ordering the selected package.

Is it possible to add several devices to Mobile application TВ+?

Yes, you can connect 3 devices to the Mobile Application TВ+, e.g. a smartphone and a tablet.

What are the requirement for specifications of devices?

iOS 11.00 and later

Android 5.0 and later

Does the user pay for the mobile internet when using Mobile application TВ+?

No, if the application is used on the device, where the package was activated. The usage of the mobile Internet on the second device will be charged. We recommend to use Wi-Fi on the second device or to switch the first one to router mode and use mobile Internet from the first device for watching Mobile application TВ+ on the second one.

What to do if there is no access to TV programs?

1. Close the app

2. Clean the cache

3. Open the app again

Is Mobile application TВ+ available abroad?

No, the app is available only in Ukraine. However, the charging will continue until you deactivate the service.

How Mobile application TВ+ can be deactivated?

Dial *225# and choose deactivation. Deactivation on the same day is not available.

How to unblock Parental control if the password is lost?

Clean the app data or re-install the app.

How to enable the Parental Control?

If you want to set the Parental Control in need to go to the Profile section and choose the Parental Control and enter the default password 1234, then you can change the password to your own 4-digit code.


How to disconnect the device or one of devices?

Please call the call center of lifecell and make the request.

How to get help or write the comment?

If you have questions or comments please write us on

Can I watch TV shows that have been already broadcasted?

You have an opportunity to watch recorded programs during 7 days after they have been broadcasted. However, not all channels are enabled with the recording function. Specify all details regarding the channels supporting the abovementioned feature via support line.

How to start Mobile application TВ+ usage?

Need to:

1) Download the app from the app store

2) Select the package or content you want to watch

3) Pass the Registration in the application

4) Enjoy watching

Manage packages directly in the applicationMobile application TВ+ is owned by LLC “VOLIA-CABLE”, located at: Kyiv, St.

Reagan Ronald, 24. “VOLIA-KABEL” LLC is responsible for the content contained in the Mobile application TV+